Adam wrote and illustrated his first comic book, “Ad-Man #1” when he was 10, probably when he should’ve been doing his math homework. Adam continued to write and draw his own comics in his youth, culminating in a what became a controversial final high school art project, “Zombies Attack III.” After attending The Joe Kubert School For Cartoon And Graphic Art, Adam got his start in comics as the letterer for “Smuggling Spirits,” a graphic novel written by Ben Fisher and illustrated by Mike Henderson.

In 2012, Adam launched “Trench Coat Samurai,” first as a webcomic., then through comiXology. He also began work on several other projects that never quite came to fruition. Somewhere in there he did 8 pages for issue 12 of “Nailbiter,” once again teaming with his old friend and colleague Mike Henderson.

In 2016, Adam teamed again with writer Ben Fisher to help create “The Great Divide,” a post apocalyptic body horror tale being released by Dynamite Entertainment. Adam also has plans for several other series, some of which he hopes to maybe follow through on.

Aside from comics, Adam has done some work in film, providing storyboards (The Outer Boroughs) and illustration (Lucha Mexico). He also fancies himself a musician, though he is a self taught amateur, and has recorded music alone (as Man-Machine Interface) and with Ben Fisher (as Com-Unit 8). He apparently likes hyphens in his band names.

Adam can be reached at admancomics@yahoo.com